Treacle Treat meets Mats Andrésen in Queensland

Late in the afternoon, or rather early in the evening, a car stopped. They had passed me by going the other way, had read that I was walking from Stockholm to Sydney and had to turn around and find out what it was all about.


They were a Dutch couple with their daughter, living in Australia. After I told my story they made sure to give me a ”proper” sandwich and a cold beer. White toast gets pretty boring after a while so it was nice to have some proper sourdough bread with a nice slice of Dutch cheese.


Not only that, they are starting a company to manufacture treacle waffles and left me their last packet. I decided to save it for breakfast tomorrow, a real calorie bomb to start the day of with!

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2015-10-06 Radio player _ SBS Your Languagesite_197_Dutch_441637By Marc van dinther Published on 23 September 2015